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 Regulations (Required)

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MessageSujet: Regulations (Required)    Lun 9 Aoû - 14:52

Welcome To Regulations

Before you read the rules, follow these steps:

1 / Read the rules - 2 / join us by subscribing - 3 / Make a presentation to you in the respective sub
That's all!

Section 1 /
Respect is important, both among members, moderators and the administrator. Be nice to new members and former members, who give it a little more life in this forum. We all have things to learn from each. If you disrespect, you're automatically banned from the forum. We remind you that this is primarily a forum, so Moderates on chat and you participate as much as possible to the Forum, is a plus.

Article 2 /
All forms of identity unique to itself or another member is excluded on the topics of the forum itself. What mean your homes addresses, phone numbers, family name, is forbidden ... except Skyblogs and blogs that you can file under "Make your campaigns" as well as flooding. Sharing your contact details if you wish to private message, then we leave you free ... remaining in the respect for your own safety and that of others. Returning to "place your ads, it is possible, but do not abuse the quantity and no permission is possible for pubs forced or trapped, so it will be the exception. Before creating a topic, check if there is not already!

Article 3 /
Express does not mean any disrespect. Do not forget that you're not alone and your words can always be interpreted in different ways ... If you are hitten by the way, Talk about it directly with the concerned himself and calmly. In case of engendering a moderator or administrator will arrange. We will do so that this bad deal, is set in the most fair.

Article 4 /
Vigils to observe the entry and write the best possible way in French or English, so that everyone can follow you. Please,avoid using capital letters . Put instead of it bold color... As long as the text remains readable by everyone, is the principal. Legible, also said good writing. So please avoid using SMS lunguage.

Article 5 /
As you know, any content prohibited by law is of course forbidden on this platform, including: downloads, or works whose owner does not allow you to do so, content related to hacking, cracking, naked, porn, etc.. ..
All things including incitement to violence or racism or attacks against an individual, group or organization. This can include images and videos of street fights, people are hurting each other, or scenes of accidents and visiting victims. However, this may be allowed in a purely journalistic.
* Pornographic or adult
* On hacking techniques
* Relating to drugs or related items
* To be blasphemous
* All forms of advertising and shopping

Article 6 /
It is likely that the rules can be changed, so be careful and watch from time to time in your emails or in this section "Recruitment Forum and News Forum."


Thank you for reading and understanding the rules and Welcome to you! Wishing you good growth and battlefields ... Signed Moderator (cadvan)

pirat Twisted Evil dieu protège mes amis ! les ennemies ? je m'en occupe !!! pirat Twisted Evil
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Regulations (Required)
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